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A message from our creator Marcus Anderson:

“I’m an Electronics Engineer who found his niche in 1976 writing computer software and never looked back. This is my promotional website. I live in Western Australia, Kitesurf in our world famous Fremantle Doctor to stay fit, have my own ideas about Cosmology, and ride an old Police Bike to get to work (even in the rain).

Wikiwebs was founded in 2011 as a promotional arm of Anderson Digital Pty Ltd, to highlight our specialist computer services to the public. Anderson Digital employs between 4 and 8 IT consulting professionals at the top of their field, and WikiWebs particular focus is Microsoft SharePoint.

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Anderson Digital Pty Ltd provides payroll and contract management services to executive level IT consultants working under independent contracts.

Anderson Digital offers extremely efficient low cost contract management for truly Independent Contractor agreements so you can focus your IT consulting.

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I’m committed to getting business process and SharePoint working together, out of the box, with minimal server side customisation – the way Microsoft intended SharePoint to be. I wont spend months at a time on each new project developing flash looking web sites that barely function. That’s old-school. My projects are delivered in weeks or days, and build on the existing highly evolved functionality already in the SharePoint platform to configure the application components rather that trying to reinvent them.

Because at the end of the day there are only two ways to do anything in SharePoint – the Microsoft way, and the wrong way.”

Marcus Anderson
B. E. (Hons)
Director, Anderson Digital Pty Ltd

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